Surprise reunion!

My dear friend Lily Gutnick, who I haven’t seen in at least 3 years, just so happened to be in Hong Kong while we were there and we were able to meet up over drinks at Quinary. What a small world!

Island charcuterie

Just a little French charcuterie snack from Les Copains D’Abord before heading back to Hong Kong from Peng Chau.

HK Island Hopping: Peng Chau

One of the islands that we missed during our first trip to Hong Kong was Peng Chau, so we made sure to visit when we returned. Here’s a view of the fishing boats floating in the harbor on the back side of this lovely, sleepy island.

Giant Berkin Man!

Yes, that’s a giant Hermes Birkin bag mascot. He’s promoting a chain of stores in Hong Kong that sells second hand designer bags. He is also my new best friend. Only in Hong Kong :)

Buddhas rockin everywhere

The fabulous, glittering, golden buddhas that line the path up to the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery. Definitely worth a trip if you’re ever in Hong Kong.

MTR selfie

Don’t mind me. Just documenting how much I enjoy riding the world’s best public transit system ever.

We’re back!

Back in Hong Kong and cruising on the Star Ferry.

My happy place

First stop: Ronin. My favorite restaurant in the world.

Gabby the Shrew

Spotted at a safe house for young children in Delhi. Clearly this children’s book knows me better than I know myself.

Happy New Year!

Nick is getting into the holiday spirit, ringing in 2014 with not one but TWO pairs of silly glasses. I can tell it is going to be a great new year!